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Mauritius Vehicle Export & Import

Japan Car Direct is here to do business with the great people of Mauritius in an honest and ethical manner. We work under a policy of full disclosure, including the translation of the auction sheets.

Bidding with Japan car direct means you can win for less than your maximum bid. You will only pay ¥3000 more than the second highest bidder on any vehicle.

We provide the largest selection of high quality vehicles, combined with the lowest prices, and the best service possible. We are your one stop shop for sourcing, export and import.

What are the conditions for importing a second-hand vehicle to Mauritius?

Any person wishing to import a second-hand vehicle should seek an import permit from the Ministry of Industry Commerce and Consumer Protection prior to the importation.

The vehicle can only be shipped from Japan after the import permit is approved.

The age of motor cars, dual purpose vehicles (including 2×4 and 4×4 double-cab trucks but excluding vans and double-cab heavy duty lorry) shall be between 18 months and 4 years from the date of first registration at the date of shipment.

Vans (other than motor buses) designed to carry goods and/or to carry not more than 7 persons including the driver shall be not more than 5 years from date of first registration at the date of shipment.

Goods vehicles (lorries including double-cab heavy duty lorries and trucks other than 2×4 and 4×4 double-cab trucks) shall be not more than 8 years from date of first registration at the date of shipment.

Motor buses shall be not more than 8 years from date of first registration at the date of shipment.

To ensure that the imported vehicle is free from any radioactive contamination, an inspection by Bureau Veritas or Nippon Kaiji Kental Kyokai (NKKK) must be carried out in Japan.

Before clearing the car, the following documents must be submitted to the Mauritian Authorities:
Originals Invoices and Bill of Lading
Original Cancellation of Registration Certificate
3. English Translation of Cancellation of Registration Certificate
Radiation Inspection Certificate for Japan
Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate for Japan.

A Certificate from the Mauritius Radiation Protection Authority has to be submitted to the Ministry for clearance of the vehicle.

An auction sheet relating to the vehicle to be imported must be submitted to the Ministry when application for the Import Permit is being made. The auction sheet describes the following important details:
1. Overall grading of the vehicle
2. Grade of the interior
3. Grade of the exterior
4. The actual odometer reading (mileage) traveled by the vehicle
5. The condition of the car including whether it has been in an accident or not.

Japan Car Direct is working with NY-Link Logistics Ltd. of Mauritius to make the total process from sourcing the cars in Japan to the clearing of customs in Mauritius a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Please register at our Mauritius auction site: auc.sandy-mount

We look forward to hearing from you soon, and working together in the future!

MFD Business Centre Freeport Zone 5, Mer Rouge Port Louis, Mauritius
Phone: (230) 206 2146/7/8 Fax: (230) 206 2149 Mobile: (230) 5258 2355
E-mail: [email protected]

VAT: VAT27066012 – BRN: C11100962

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