David (American Customer)


Just wanted to let you know I picked up my Alto Works yesterday. I drew a crowd picking it up. I had people offering me $$ for the vehicle before I ever got in it! Went to get Gas and had to tell multiple people what it is. I did not expect such a reaction but I understand, this thing is tiny compared to American cars.

I had no issues driving it up the mountain. I am beyond surprised how quick it actually is. I had lowered my expectation as I have a few performance cars but this little thing ran away from the SUV I took down to pick it up.

Happy to report that the wife’s reaction was not what I expected. Instantly fell in love with it.

When I am ready to purchase another vehicle, should I just let you know and put down the deposit via PayPal again?

I appreciate your patience while I figured this all out. I really have nothing to complain about! Cheers!

David (American Customer)

Sam (Delaware JDM Imports)

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