Dear Scott,

I hope you and your family and in great health and in great spirits. Mat just helped me secure my 10th vehicle purchase from you. It is a beautiful Nissan Figaro that I could not have gotten without him. After buying 10 cars (and hopefully many more), I want you to know that Japan Car Direct is not just a buyer to me. Japan Car Direct is an invested partner in my success. This is in large part to Mat’s help, expertise, and excellent disposition. He has earned my confidence, trust, respect, and loyalty. He cares about the quality of cars I obtain.

For this Figaro and the last Delica that I won, he went above and beyond to make sure I got the vehicle I wanted. That means he went slightly above my highest bid, but he avoided me losing a great vehicle for a measly $50 US dollars. In the case of the Figaro, my max bid was $8,000 and he got it for me for $8,020. You have no idea how disappointed I would have been if I lost out on that vehicle for a measly $20 dollars. Now, I will have a beautiful Nissan Figaro to sell just in time for summer.

I look forward to buying more vehicles from you and Mat and hope to make my side business more prosperous and exciting with cars like Figaros, Paos, Mark IIs, MR2s, and maybe an AutoZam AZ-1. The Pacific Northwest stills loves 4wd diesel vans and campers, so I hope to buy more of those too. Perhaps by this time next year, I will have enough cash to purchase NSXs, Skylines, and Supras.


Raphael – USA

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