Gebhard (German Customer)

Hi Scott,

Great to hear from you.

I am fine and the 968 turned out to be in better shape than I had assumed. It has been neglegted a bit over the years and I am still fixing one or the other minor issue. But no mechanical problems, absolutely no corrosion whatsoever which is the most important aspect. Paint could be better, I have all the dents removed but the paint has some “coating” which I first thought was from trees and it can nearly not be removed. Took me a few evenings to remove it from all the glass, I had to use special glass polish. Anyway, the car regularly gets admiring comments for its good shape and classic look.

Hope at your end everything is fine and business runs well. I keep looking at the auctions every now and then but it’s quite quiet at the moment.

Gebhard (German Customer)

Chris and Rebecca (Canadian Customers)
Mike (American 25 Year Old Mini Truck Customer)

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