Chris and Rebecca (Canadian Customers)

Good Morning, Scott

My apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

We picked up the mini truck on wednesday last week, and the process was seamless to say the least. The staff at the docks were incredible to deal with, so much so that we continue to talk about how friendly they were. It was unbelievable! Al was great, thanks for the recommendation.

It was pouring rain when we picked up the mini, so we didn’t snap a photo. But we do plan to get a photo of the truck now that its home for you.

The mini truck was exactly as it was described to us, exactly! It started with a simple turn of the key, idled smoothly like a vehicle with 4,800 kms would, and even had the new car smell. Rebecca climbed in, and became the mini’s first canadian pilot, and everything went extremely smoothly while she moved it over to be loaded on the trailer.

I was then handed the wheel, and carefully positioned the vehicle onto the trailer without a single issue. What a great little vehicle. Everywhere we go, everyone who sees it, just smiles, and in the end, everyone says they just love how simple it is. And even more so, everyone can’t believe how roomy the cabin is, even for taller people.

Looks like we will be buying more now, several friends are looking to have me help them purchase a truck, and we are planning to buy an Every van (same year and condition please!!). We would also like to find out about buying a 200 series excavator, if you handle that type of thing.

Thanks for everything, look forward to hearing back from you. We will order up some parts very soon for general maintenance, i’ll send the list tomorrow with the photo we take today of the mini. I’m back to work now, so better fly.

Two very satisfied customers,

Chris and Rebecca (Canadian Customers)

Adam M – East Coast Canada
Gebhard (German Customer)

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