80 Year Old American Customer

Scott, I claimed the truck Saturday morning in Savannah. Hit the road, could only go about 10 miles per hour. Coaxed it up the freeway to the first truck stop. Fueled, removed the seat to see the air cleaner for the engine. The canister was totally full of dirt causing the engine to lose about 98% of its power. I removed the filter, cleaned out all the dust and dirt, replaced the lid with no filter and started the engine. It ran 100% better to the point I hit the freeway to Nashville. I cruised at 80 Km the 490 miles to Nashville. Got home 12:00 Sunday 12/07, had a very relaxing adult beverage, nice dinner with my best buddy, Mama Pam, and we said thanks to Scott, all’s well.

I will go to Suzuki dealer and get air filter, have the disk calipers lubricated, (They are rusted and don’t completely release), and put Fred, (the truck’s name) to work feeding cattle.
When I drove up the drive way, (about ¼ mile) the cattle on each side of the drive were curious about the new sound, sight, and smell so they were having a hissy. Whey warmed up immediately when I loaded it with hay and headed for the feed troughs. Happy ending!!!! Thanks again.

80 Year Old American Customer

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