Your friend Tony

Hello Scott, I just got home. My wife thanks you for the excuse to take a road trip up our coast. The truck is in great shape for it’s age visually and mechanically A1. So thank you. For you and Al, going over and above what I expected. Along my 2000 km trip I was able to take some very cool off road adventures. That little truck sure can climb. I’m not kidding when I tell you I was going up and down 30-35 degree mountain sides with no slip. I would not even consider tackling the hills I climbed this week with my other 4×4 trucks. The best part though was how little footprint it leaves ecologically . Living in a semi desert area of Canada we realize that the footprint a quad,truck leaves today is seen for decades afterwards. for this reason alone the truck is worth it’s weight in gold.

Scott I’ve said it before. But one more time, I’ll say thank you for your service and Al Thompson for making my truck purchase as easy as 1 2 3. Funny but I think it’s actually easier buying a truck from japan. Than from my own dealer here in town.

PS i definitely owe you a good glass of whiskey. I may even break out the 30 yr old stuff . Doors always open.

Your friend Tony

Rhys Botterill, Nissan r32 GTR, United Kingdom
Your friend Tony (Continued)

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