Rhys Botterill, Nissan r32 GTR, United Kingdom

Japan Car Direct made the import process very straight forward. Initially I was led to believe that the import of a vehicle was very long winded and not for the faint hearted but the guys at JCD made it smooth sailing all the way to the port in England! I really enjoyed the whole process and would like to do it again at some point! Every moment was exciting be it looking for cars on the market, getting inspections done, and obviously down to delivery of my fresh JDM car. These guys sourced me my dream car… When the car arrived it was exactly the same as the description, although it can sometimes feel like a gamble starting the import process these guys do everything in their power to insure you get the right vehicle for the right price.Now I am driving around in my Nissan r32 GTR sourced straight from Japan and loving it!!! The worst part for the import process for me was waiting on delivery of the vehicle and for the registration to arrive, but that’s something you have to just contain your excitement with!

I would definitely recommend JCD for importing cars and I’m pretty sure I will be doing it again! The guys are very professional, the fees are very fair and they do their best to find your dream car at the right price!!!!!

Rhys Botterill, Nissan r32 GTR, United Kingdom

Your friend Tony

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