American Customer – Jim

Well my friends, thanks to you two wonderful gents I now have a fantastic ride! (it definitely draws some fun looks!) I must say, when you said pocket rocket, you were right! This thing wants to move! I keep being surprised at just how much pull it puts out for such a tiny package! The sound of the engine is a beautiful purr, which such a vibrant interior! And the steering is so very responsive, it really is like driving a go kart! This truly is a driver’s car. I attached some photos, an man am I in love with this car. It is way more fun than I anticipated! There’s only a few things through I think need to be taken care of : 1- the speed limit warning needs to go, ha. Speed limits in America are a lot higher than 85kph! Any hints on where to find the buzzer? 2- tires, the tread is fine, but I think they’re a bit old and probably should be replaced. I’ve found one site that sells them online, but I was curious if you were more in tune with where I should be looking? 3- spare parts, is there a good website / method of getting spare parts (used or new) even if it’s in Japanese it’s a great head start.

Once again, thanks for all the help, and this is an awesome one of a kind car!

American Customer – Jim

Denis, Nairobi, Kenya
Alec (Canadian Customer)

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