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Porsche 968

It’s not only the 911 that you find in very good shape second hand in Japan. Other great, well cared for Porsches like this 968 come up for sale too

Honda Integra Type R

The best handling FF car ever. For sure. The best handling car ever? Possibly. If you want handling, go for a good DC-2 from Japan.

The Classic Air-Cooled 911 2.4 Liter

What a beauty! The purity of the air-cooled 911 with the 2.4 liter N/A engine. This 1972 car is in beautiful shape and for sale here in Japan.

Impreza WRX STi Sports Wagon Version V (1998)

A station wagon in the Premier League of supercars? 0-60 in under 5 seconds? Yes, for sure. Hard body and practicality. Only the WRX STi can do it.

Lancer Evolution IV

Few cars in the “very quick” class give you more bang for the buck than a 1990s Mitsubishi’s Lancer Evo. And very tuneable, too.

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Version IV

It’s the supercar for real driving on real roads because the really high power can really be put to the road via All-Wheel Drive. Accelerate!!

Hino Dutro

First rate light commercial from Toyota’s truck division that’s #1 in Japan. Many body styles available used, including this Low Floor type.

Toyota Harrier

Here in Japan we call this mid-size SUV the Toyota Harrier, but overseas it’s the Lexus RX. Comfort and rough road capability: It’s all there.

1990 Minica Dangan 550cc Supercar

World’s first production 5-valve engine, highly tuned and super high revving, and a light, rigid chassis. It’s more fun than an Italian supercar.

1988 Suzuki Carry 4WD Clean Little Truck with DUMP!

One of the best optional features that comes with some minitrucks is the dump body. This 1988 truck is clear to import to USA or Australia.

Alpina B10 V8

The beauty, balance and sense of controlled power that flows from a big Alpina sedan like the 4.6 liter B10 is the essence of the Alpina marque.

Suzuki Cappuccino

Front mid-engine + Two seater + Less than 700kgs + Intercooled turbo = A total blast to drive.

Jaguar Mark 2

Most people don’t know that Japan is a near paradise for classic cars in fine shape. Cars like this lovely, and loved, 1965 Mark 2.

Mercedes Benz SL550

The top luxury convertible in the world: SL-Class. Pull up to the front door in one of these and it’s klasse. Marvelous. You have “arrived.”

Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE-86

The very justly very famous “Hachi Roku” AE-86: King of the light drift cars; a top FR sports coupe. Good units can still be found here in Japan.

Toyota Aristo 3.0 Liter Turbo Manual Transmission

One of the heaviest, strongest, and most powerful drift cars ever. With the immensely strong 2JZ-GTE motor you’ll blow the other drifters away.

Suzuki Carry 4WD 1989

A very nice Kei truck with super low mileage: 12,500miles!! Can import to the USA no problem. Grab it now! (dave@japancardirect.com)

Toyota Chaser Tourer V

One of the “Heavies” in the drift car world. With its nearly indestructible turbo 1JZ-GTE the sky’s the limit for power on boost.

Ferrari 348

The growl and snap of the flat-plane V8; the wicked, muscular lines: A very fine 348 can be sourced in Japan for a fair price. Contact us.

Toyota Supra 80 RZ. Modded with Aero Kit and Multi Meters

A stunning, thundering super powered rocket. Well modded, bordeline extreme.

Mercedes Benz S-Class 500. Modified!

Lowered, alloys, suspension tuned. Professionally modified top-end German luxury sedans are here in Japan.

Nissan Silvia S15

A Prince among drift car royalty. Now a very popular import to the U.K. for the growing Drift Car Mania.

1991 Nissan Silvia PS13

A perfect example of a classic drift car for sale which are becoming more rare as time goes on.

1980 Porsche 911 Turbo

A very clean example of a Classic Porsche's that are available in Japan. Contact us for more details.


Mini Trucks with dump beds are great for farming, construction sites, landscaping jobs etc.

Sold and Exported

BMW M5 2000

Muscular. Maneuverable. Majestic. The BMW M5 is really top among the “heavies” in this class of executive sports sedans. A sub five second car in the premier performance league that has the precise handling of a sportscar.

Suzuki Carry 1988

A super clean and super low kilometers pre ’89 4WD Suzuki Carry minitruck. Fine examples like this one are still coming up for sale here at good prices. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. (View below for details.)

Nissan Skyline 1999

So seriously, brutally, powerful that it blows most other performance cars away with a breath of hot exhaust gas, it's earned the nickname "Godzilla" among performance car fans here. (View below for details.)

BMW X3 2010

Luxury but no fat. Class but not crass. An AWD SUV with excellent handling and all-weather, all-conditions capability. If that’s what you want, then it’s a BMW X3 that you go for. (View below for details.)

Mercedes Benz SL-500 1996

Beauty Level: Stunning. Power Level: Mega. Class Level: Top. The SL-Class says: “Go big, or stay home.”

BMW Alpina B3 2.7 1988

The pure sports sedan. Performance, balance, FR-layout, luxury and energy in one driving machine. (View below for more details.)

Porsche 911 Carrera 2 1993

An in-demand classic: the air-cooled Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2. (View below for details.)

Lancia Delta Integrale 1995

What a beauty! Beautiful color! Beautiful body! The Delta Integrale is the full, the complete, the total rally car. But you’ll not want to dirty this beauty on a muddy back road. (View below for more details.)

Suzuki Alto Works 1987

Serious fun here, Guys. Serious motoring fun. This is a 1987 Suzuki Alto Works. Just sold to a lucky fellow in the USA. Do not miss a chance like this. (View below for details.)

BMW M5 2012

You’re looking at a turbo sports sedan that will leave a Countach behind in a 0-60 dash. Power, handling, styling, comfort, and balance; and the quality which comes with BMW as just: “Of course.” (View below for details.)

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