JCD takes pride in shipping professionally selected vehicles from Japan, Canada and the UK to dealers and private buyers worldwide.
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Available from Japan, Canada, UK

Nissan Silvia S15

A Prince among drift car royalty. The Nissan Silvia S15. The famous “Ichi Go.” It’s now very popular to import used Silvias from Japan to the U.

The Unusual, Convertible S15

Japan always has weird and wonderful versions of their cars available. Who fancies a convertible s15?

Classic American Cars

They are very popular in Japan in very good condition. Thought about importing a classic American car from Japan?

Honda Civic EK9

The ek9, one of the most idealistic VTEC cars with plenty of clean examples in Japan for sale.

1991 Nissan Silvia PS13

A perfect example of a classic drift car for sale which are becoming more rare as time goes on.

1980 Porsche 911 Turbo

A very clean example of a Classic Porsche's that are available in Japan. Contact us for more details.


Mini Trucks with dump beds are great for farming, construction sites, landscaping jobs etc.


Godzilla turns 25 years old this month, and can be exported to America with no hassle!

Nissan Silvia 2.0 SPEC R

6MT, 68,000km, Aftermarket muffler, coilovers, air cleaner. Built to be the perfect sports car!

Sold and Exported

Porsche 911 1996

Super clean used Porsche 911s like this one are to be found in Japan for very reasonable prices. Especially with the good exchange rate now in early 2015. (View below for details.)

Alpina B10 V8 1998/8

A near mint condition 1998 B10 V8 Alpina! Alpina Burkard Bovensiepen work independently, but hand-in-glove with BWM on production lines and that’s where they do their magical tuning creating perfection! (View below for more details)

Suzuki Carry 1988/3

THE PERFECT HUNTING MACHINE!! Mini trucks over 25 years old imported hassle free into the United States and Australia. (View below for more details)

Suzuki Carry 1996/8

Goes up and down 30-35 degree mountain slopes where other regular size pick up trucks dare not go! (View below for more details)


The limited edition Impreza WRX Type R is that very rare class of vehicle: The attainable supercar. (View below for more details.)


Economy of operation, reliability, and practicality are the keynotes of Toyota’s very successful Vitz. (View below for more details.)


One of the most reliable and well known medium-duty straight trucks, the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter servers as a commercial vehicle world-wide. (View below for more details.)


We found this red rocket here in Japan for a true performance car driver in the U.K. and the car was exported in August. (View below for more details.)


Originally just a fun, economical car, the Honda Civic has matured into a sophisticated piece of machinery. (View below for more details.)

Porsche 911 Carrera 1996/8

The Porsche 911 Carrera: A true dream car. And it’s now a dream come true for our customer in Poland. (View below for more details.)

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