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Available from Japan, Canada, UK

The Unusual, Convertible S15

Japan always has weird and wonderful versions of their cars available. Who fancies a convertible s15?

Classic American Cars

They are very popular in Japan in very good condition. Thought about importing a classic American car from Japan?

Honda Civic EK9

The ek9, one of the most idealistic VTEC cars with plenty of clean examples in Japan for sale.

1991 Nissan Silvia PS13

A perfect example of a classic drift car for sale which are becoming more rare as time goes on.

1980 Porsche 911 Turbo

A very clean example of a Classic Porsche's that are available in Japan. Contact us for more details.


Mini Trucks with dump beds are great for farming, construction sites, landscaping jobs etc.


Godzilla turns 25 years old this month, and can be exported to America with no hassle!

Nissan Silvia 2.0 SPEC R

6MT, 68,000km, Aftermarket muffler, coilovers, air cleaner. Built to be the perfect sports car!

1988 Subaru Rex Vicky II ECVT 25,000km JPY140,000

One owner, ECVT:co-developed with Van Doorne 1st in the world


Rare in black, completely original!


Stunning 7 with full voltex aero and plenty of modifications!


We found this on the local domestic market. There is only one word for this: BEAST !!! Please contact us for full spec.


This car is in a TIME WARP condition and is totally original. Only 71.000 km's of loved and pampered driving and dry stored.

1996 SILVIA K'S 5MT MINT CONDITION ONLY 29,894km/18,500miles

Tein coilovers, Advan 17" AW, 5Zigen muffler, HKS air cleaner, Blitz turbo gauge and much more!


We can source great condition fork lifts directly from the factories before they go to the auctions!

Subaru Sanbar 350kg load, 50mpg, Cruise at 60mph. Available in the UK

Little All Terrain Work Horses » Excellent for farms, construction sites, lake lots, hunting, company yards, delivery and much much more!


Call UK agent on 075 3857 5835

Available from UK

£8,995 Mitsubishi L200 CLUB CAB P/UP 2.5D 1 OWNER 41K FSH CD + VAT 2dr 2008

Sold and Exported

Suzuki Carry 1996/8

Goes up and down 30-35 degree mountain slopes where other regular size pick up trucks dare not go! (View below for more details)


The limited edition Impreza WRX Type R is that very rare class of vehicle: The attainable supercar. (View below for more details.)


Economy of operation, reliability, and practicality are the keynotes of Toyota’s very successful Vitz. (View below for more details.)


One of the most reliable and well known medium-duty straight trucks, the Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter servers as a commercial vehicle world-wide. (View below for more details.)


We found this red rocket here in Japan for a true performance car driver in the U.K. and the car was exported in August. (View below for more details.)


Originally just a fun, economical car, the Honda Civic has matured into a sophisticated piece of machinery. (View below for more details.)

Subaru Impreza STi S202 2002/6

The S202 is based on the 2002 V7 STI SPEC C RA . The car comes from the Factory with the STI brochure thrown at it producing 320 ps from the factory !!!

Porsche 911 Carrera 1996/8

The Porsche 911 Carrera: A true dream car. And it’s now a dream come true for our customer in Poland. (View below for more details.)

JCD Poland's Warsaw Showroom 2013~

Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and much much more! In Japan luxury model cars are for the most part driven softly and maintained wonderfully. Both LHD and RHD in all models, colors and years are available today.

Porsche 911 Carrera 1991/6

The Porsche 911 legend in excellent condition at a reasonable price. LHD so easy to register and drive in the EU and North America.

Nissan Silvia 1991/November

The "Drift Machine!" Rear wheel drive, 4 cylinder DOHC turbo engine giving 205 stock hp....smoke on!

Nissan Skyline 1993/February

Pristine example of Godzilla. 6 cylinders, twin ceramic turbos and a frame that is built to withstand as much as 850hp! Built to wipe it shoes clean of pretty much anything else on the road!

BMW 330i 2005/Aug

Luxury LHD BMW at low cost and in great condition!

Suzuki Carry 18/7

Suzuki Carry, the most popular of the mini trucks. Air conditioning, power steering, 350kg load, tough and super low running cost.

Toyota Probox 2006/11

Station wagons carry a lot. The Probox station wagon carries even more. It’s the ideal car for a small business that doesn’t need a big van, but needs more than the average wagon. (View below for more details.)

Mitsubishi L200 Work 2004/6

The Mitsubishi L200 Work is rightly named for what it does for you: Work. Good for carrying, good for towing, good for bashing around off road with its excellent ground clearance. And yet it's quiet and comfortable on road and not tiring. These trucks work with you, not against you.

Mitsubishi L200 Warrior 2008/02

Rugged, solid, and more stylish than any tough pick up has a right to be. The L200 Warrior gives all the practical use and hard work you need in a pick up, but lets you arrive in classy style.

Peugeot S16 1997/5

The best handling car ever? Argueable. One of the best handling FF cars ever? Certain. At one point the S16 was the hottest in Peugeot's 306 range.

BMW Z3 Roadster 1997/10

A stylish, fun roadster that re-energized the affordable sports car market. A 1.9-liter 138-horsepower inline-4 engine that handles even better than it looks.

Mercedes Benz G320 5 Door 1996/9

The ultimate luxury SUV with electronically controlled 5-speed transmission unit. Headlamp washers, cruise control and a front passenger’s air bag added in 1996. Excellent condition and going for less than 20% of what they commanded when new!

Mercedes S320 CDI L7G LIMOUSINE, 2007

Rare 2007 Model Mercedes perfect for Kenya

Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX) 1998/7

One of the models sold in Japan under the Toyota brand and as Lexus around the world. Flat 4 DOHC 140ps/5600rpm 10km/l FF & 4WD luxury SUV and low prices!

Subaru Impreza 1997/7

Rare excellent condidtion Type R now being driven by a happy UK customer

Honda Integra 2001/10

Very clean rust free excellent condition DC5.

Suzuki Carry 1995/3

Excellent condition Suzuki workhorse. Flat 3 SOHC 42ps/5500rpm 16km/l

BMW L7 1997/9

BMW L7: Your living room in the back seat. Luxury, style and elegance on wheels.

Toyota Corolla 2002/6

Rear leaf spring suspension make this model a work horse to take on the toughest roads anywhere!

Mitsubishi Toppo BJ 1998/3

Excellent "Kei" car with a bullet proof 660CC engine, 20km/L fuel efficiency and lots of space in the rear. Perfect get around town vehicle, lots of room for two adults and two children.

Nissan Silvia 1992/3

Classic Nissan S body car with full spec R running gear

Isuzu Elf 2004/9

Custom box cutting. Buy a van or wing truck for less and have the box custom cut!

Mercedes Benz SL500 1996/8

5L V8 Making close to 360hp paired with a 5AT. Classic luxury in excellent condition

Toyota Belta 2008/6

Excellent ride and good size for a small engine car. Great gas mileage of 16km/l.

Nissan Diesel Condor 2005/1

20ft wing truck custom cut with walls and roof loaded into the box.

Nissan 180SX 1991/7

NISSAN S13 180 SX Full 7 point roll cage, 2 way Nismo LSD, Next Miracle x brace, Greddy Trust coilovers and much more.

Subaru Tommy Karin 1994/3

Tommy Kaira M20B in black ultra rare and completely original and unmolested !!!

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